Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why we stink

I was crossing the highway, in the dangerous fashion of Mumbaikars who are too tired to take the walkway if there is one and/or who don't know how to negotiate a way across to the other side when there is no walkway. Btw. my student dropped me off at the airport flyover -- at 8.30 am -- and imagine one fellow in the motorbike kept circling me like I was some you-know-what (I was chastely dressed in white, with full armed sleeve so don't say I was provoking him, as most people do in defence of sad Indian men) and another fellow kept hooting with a war hoop from a long way off. This is the city I love and chose? What is happening to it!! The first fellow was well-heeled and middle aged, the other fellow was a laborer and young. Really odd city, it is turning into..

Anyway if that was stinky I also actually saw piles of shit -- freshly laid, human excreta -- over that stretch of concrete separators that runs in the middle of the highway, where there is a valiant attempt to grow plants. Fresh crap?? Slum dwellers actually are using that entire stretch as a toilet... No I am not taking off against them. They have a tough life and if there are no clean toilets and no sea which will wash it off (have you walked the beaches in the morning and felt something gooey sticking to you -- it is human excreta, fresh and still to be washed away:( I am bothered that we as a city have ignored this for so long and continue to ignore it.
I wonder sometimes ...Why superstar Amitabh Bachchan feels that Slumdog millionaire `showcased' the poor. We like to live in denial that is why. If you have forgotten the toilet scene... that is the way most people live.
I wonder sometimes why SRK often says he feels at home even in the poverty and muck of this city etc .Otherwise who will he sell his dreams to?
I wonder sometimes why they donate crores to gods but don't think of building simple toilets -- more punya here, really.
I wonder sometimes why they want to buy immortality for their family members by renaming BMC roads after them.. A toilet would mean more for everybody -- More good def. there really..

We stink, as a city. Let's feel ashamed about a few things -- Otherwise we feel continue the way we are we will be left with nothing to showcase except our poor...and all that crap...

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