Friday, May 1, 2009

Smallest Gita in the world

(Pic from net, from official press release I assume)
While passing Linking road, I spotted the Tanishq shop -- I turn off there towards Organised Chaos dance studio, where I learn B-boying -- and spotted this advert that said the world's smallest Gita on a pendant! Apparently created using nano tech by Pawan Sinha from the U.S. and launched by Tanishq which is a Tata group enterprise...Tatas are sure into small things in a big way...

You know,the first instinct when you see something like that is that you want to own it too -- and wish yourself rich enough to be able to do that:) However, I realised the beauty of the Gita lies in reading it and rereading it and unravelling the layers of its meanings through various interpretations of various gurus/writers you may respect. And that would not be possible if you had to look at the lettering under a microscope!! How do you comfortably read that... So apart from the novelty value and of course, if you are religious in that sort of showy fashion, it would make sense:) Otherwise my Radhakrishnan's modest best-selling Gita, much-thumbed, is far better:)

Now, just to find out how much this costs!

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