Monday, May 11, 2009

Did you know you can donate your cycle?

I got this info from the Life Positive mag where I write.
And felt I may use it myself: just as soon as I locate my rusting-rotting bicycle, bought very lovingly a few years ago but discarded once I realised that the number of dogs around the complex was growing and they are nervous about people on bicycles early mornings -- they don't mind later in the day, but early mornings with the night's adrenaline still growling through them (in the suburbs the dog packs are like some feral creatures and can be very intimidating as night falls because there are constant changes in the number of canines that wander into such spots and this agitates the existing groups, plus shop-keepers who hope to keep of robbers (quite a few break-ins happen apparently on Fridays -- a day before the money gets transported from the shops to banks) encourage the stray population by feeding them. So my husband, who a few weeks ago got dropped off on the road after a night show, said how eerie it was to be walked back home by growling packs, their throat rumbling with a soft growl, their ears down menacingly, lips drawn over sharp teeth, following him. A group will follow him for a short distance in this fashion. Then lope off, just as soon as another group takes over. He said that he had a feeling that any wrong move from him, and he would have been mauled ruthlessly. He thought that he should not look them in the eye, not show fear but maintain a steady and slow walk that did not threaten or intrigue them. It was difficult to act normal, he said, with the growling pack walking in a circle around him...
So u can imagine that I do not take the cycle out? You never know what provokes a dog to jump you...
So, just as soon as I find my cycle I will donate it to this group which collects cycles to give tribal and village kids who walk miles to attend school. It is called the Bicycle project, organised by Sangeeta and Hemant Chabra and they are also into another similar project at Jhadpoli village. For more details on how you can help, contact them at 65701730/9820149022

You can also visit the kids to see how your cycle is helping them. I think this is such a cool thing to do... More power to the Chabra couple:)

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