Thursday, May 7, 2009

Roadblocks or speed breakers

(Circled in red, the white-painted boulders, making do as illegal, temporary speed breakers. )

When we went to Gorai the other day, to visit the Dhamma meditation center there, we passed interesting things that make country so unique. A political party, off Mira Road, had blocked off one full lane, on the left, and so the to-fro lanes were allocated to the right lane. Everybody seemed to know where to go, except us. Which shows that the rest of the world is used to chaos caused by such self-willed parties..
Then, as we were moving into the rustic villages off Mira Road we saw a marriage party happening and at two spots, bang in the middle of the road, this private party had set up huge boulders, to act as speed breakers! Amazing... Such behavior. `Private' speed breakers (earlier di rigeur along the village roads and had been declared illegal) are now being replaced by such temporary boulders.
Any case, if politicians can block roads, why not the public?
Or if the public can block roads like this, why not the politicians?
It is the chicken and egg question. But we deserve what we get...

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