Saturday, April 4, 2009

Restaurant decorum

Aw, my camera missed the crucial parts of this menu card exhortations. What u see above is a list of do's and dont's on the back of a menu card. Some interesting rules are below:
* Not to hang on after receiving bill.
* To wait for food, since good food takes time to cook.
* Not to read paper or do paper work here. (Not your regular coffee shop).
* Left-over food will not be packed..

The last one was a bit unfair I thought... the rest of the stuff rather innovative and clearly comes after some bad experiences the restaurant owner has had, with people refusing to budge before finishing their morning paper (maybe reading it into the night:) or people who hang on after just ordering a cup of coffee... and even after the bill has been placed deliberately on his table:)

Imagine this from a restaurant owner whose establishment is encroaching all over the pavement (in this city, where else?). Who has erected some structures, including concrete ones on pavement that belongs to you and I. And who clearly is paying all the concerned authorities some huge sums, to do what he will. Even he has a sense of right and wrong. I wonder when our administration will follow suit and acquire some sense of similar decorum ... I simply cannot understand why they don't legalise encroachments in certain areas -- so that at least the money clearly being pocketed by all the `authorities' goes into the government coffers. This way, it feels so much like goondaraj...Not evidence of good governance but the starting point for criminality ... And then, even goondas will start making rules...