Saturday, April 11, 2009

Did u know? In Mumbai...Garlic & shampoos have something in common

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My maalish lady (masseuse) found some empty shampoo bottles in my toilet and asked me if she could take them away... I agreed, thinking she was using it to mix her own concoctions or massage formulas. Curious I asked her what she needed them for, and she tells me that she gets garlic in exchange for that... I was amazed. They still give you `ever-silver' vessels (out here, they call them steel) for old clothes. And now garlic for shampoo bottles..Good if that plastic is getting recycled. Of course, I remember once doing a story on fake things and how in Ulhasnagar (a far off suburb in Mumbai) there was a thriving fake industry making copies of everything!! Even now u can be conned by that... I recently bought a pair of `Reebok' sun glasses, looking rather sleek, paying an appropriately high price for it, at the corner shop where I got my reading glasses also. The reading glasses lasted. But I had to go to the shop twice to replace or complain about my Reebok glasses and then, finally, the third time the shop-keeper gave me a non-branded substitute... Which just goes to show that there are still fools like me and there is an entire industry catering to such fools, in this city!
Garlic for shampoo bottles. I think u must buy your shampoo only from good stores -- or you may well be picking up fakes...

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Anonymous said...

it's news to me.thanks for sharing the info.i will definitely get my stuff from proper stores.