Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cost of a film...PVR or InOrbit

Now that most Mumbaikars are mall rats or cine-goers, we have one entertainment which is absolutely free while the latter is becoming rather expensive.

My husband, thanks to recession, has become more conscious of all the cash outflow. He has found out that two tickets at Inorbit (Malad) are worth one at PVR (Goregaon).
That is quite a difference, even though he insists he likes the spaciness of the chairs and the general cinematic experience of PVR screens.

I myself have not felt any difference: I only go by how a hall winds up the show: does it show the last tail-end features, those songs they make specially to flash at the end, those `Making of the Film shots' they exhibit also? And is there enough space to exit without being elbowed, nudged and pawed?

I have found this -- the tailend features of a film -- can be missing at some suburban halls -- always keen to cut costs, they are thinking of only driving the audience out, so they can switch off the AC. I remember that one theatre near home did not switch the AC for long after we had entered it, and the kids were wailing after a while for the humidity. Some of the suburban theatres also smell lightly of urine and unwashed socks -- from the uncleaned chair upholstery I think... I have already complained about how once male guards were checking female bags during the morning shows...

I hate also the stampede at some suburban theatres after a show, as all the doors open into a narrow claustrophobic exit: clearly indicating that the norms of exit, to prevent stampede during catastrophy like a fire hazard, have not been kept in place. Pawing men, foot-stamping kids... and elbows into you -- nerve-wracking way to experience cinema.

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Does it matter said...

Ok, so here is a tip for you & hubby.

If you want to go to PVR, get yourself a Visa credit card (platinum it used to be, but I think it now extends to even Gold). I have used it for PVR Juhu, and it should also be valid for Goregaon..

Why? Coz, you get 1 ticket free for 1 you buy :)

I do agree with yr hubby - doesnt make sense to go for PVR unless you are getting 2 for their price of 1 ...!!