Friday, March 13, 2009

This city and its autos:)

I don't know: barring one incident when I felt the autodriver was taking me for a ride, literally, I have been having a decent run with these fellows lately. Cannot imagine what has come over them. It feels just like my old beloved Mumbai.

I even spotted this auto with this sign: see the slideshow, though it is not too clear. The auto owner has actually put a sign on the back of the driver's seat where he has given his phone number, to which u can call and complain if there is any complaint against the driver. Oh, wow!! Possibly the owner has a daughter and wants to make the whole world a safer place for the rest of womanhood? Possibly he has had bad moments with auto drivers and feel it is his karmic duty to clean up the city of some who can be like the very vermin...

Can we have more of such auto-owners? Can there be a law that insists on such a sign?

The world is becoming a better place?

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