Monday, February 9, 2009

Bandra flyover: dangerous spot

(Middle of the Bandra flyover, where vehicles are flying about happily. At the `entrance' or the spot where the flyover begins, is where there is a messy patchwork that can be life-threatening, extremely dangerous, with tremendous scope for collision, particularly between small and big vehicles, as the former slowdown and the latter speed up)

As you sweep over and into the Bandra flyover, in an auto, you shudder suddenly as the tiny vehicle u are travelling in coughs and sputters. This has happened everytime I have swept over the flyover. The auto rickshah wallah, a hardened bunch usually, shiver when their vehicle wobbles, almost halting: this is a dangerous patchwork of concretisation which creates this reaction. An even patch there means the autos have to slowdown, at the precise spot where they hope to propel upwards with greater power. Also, as they slow down they sense that the vehicles behind them, some of them large, are accelarating for the sweep upwards. This means, there could be a dangerous collision. Every rickshahwallah I have travelled with cribs about this and just how dangerous it is. Who cares??

It pisses me off so much that there is so much shoddy roadwork in this `international city'. And if this is the state of an important flyover, in the heart of the city, then imagine the plight elsewhere.

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