Saturday, March 21, 2009

Momos in Mumbai

The first time I had Momos was at Kavita Mukhi (the unconventional, torchbearing nutritionist-entrepreneur)'s shop which was selling her goodies. I loved it then. The right amount of rice (without which South Indians wilt) and those spicy stuffings from which you try to pick flavors and find out which of the ingredients is now turning you on. After that, with a huge gap, I had it recently at Goa... at the little Tibetan shack off Calungute beach. Lovely. But then, found this outlet at InOrbit and celebrated by buying one full plate and shamelessly eating it all by myself, without sharing with anyone from my family. Rs 30 for the veg plate... It was so Wow!

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kaushik Pocir said...

is it that cheap....Rs 30 per plate....?