Friday, December 19, 2008

Spit town

Was at a tehsildar's office to register my Leave and Licence agreement. And found that getting an agent to do things was the smooth experience, almost felt like I was dealing with a private company. Btw. (in Mumbai some private companies behave like they are government departments. It is all about us as a people, really!!) Any case, one thing that makes all groups -- government or private look alike is the spit stained wall...

And this was like a decoration which started from the base of the staircase and went up all the way to the floors which opened into the office. Fresh, red colour too. And right under the Do Not Spit written in BOLD RED LETTERS,in Marathi.
Welcome to Mumbai!

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edson_dias said...

this is one disgusting habbit of us indians. recently I visited the famous victoria memorial in calcutta & even there they actually put a vase fulled with sand for people to spit in. needless to say the spitters didnt have good aim & the walls by the side of the vase were stained.