Friday, August 14, 2009

Masks and more

My nephew clicked this picture for me, since I tried to click so many times and only caught the tip of my foot or big toe in the frame..Off Churchgate this man, stands selling mask. I picked up one, just for the heck of it (Some pompous TV journalist will come along and call me a sickness touris or some such thing?) It smelt of some vinyl -e thing, u know, that I could not imagine every wearing it. It cost me Rs 20. When half-hour later I walked past this guy, he was surrounded by a hoard of commuters who were all trying to make him rich:) by buying what all he had to offer. He had another mask for Rs 40.

Any case, the thougth that occured to me was that if we were health conscious as a nation (which we are not at all, despite Swami Ramdev) then we would not be in such a flutter about this flu. Our kids hardly get once a week PT (sports class). What sort of sick (I hate to say that cliche, pun intended) education system that excludes health-building activity. Once they come to tenth, this nonsense gets even more virulent, because the kids hardly get to think of doing any of the kiddie things -- even dancing, when u are a teen, they cannot.. We are terribly flaccid as a nation, where health is concerned. And we should feel guilty that the kids succumb when such virulent epidemics unleash, because we have, collectively, wrong priorities when we send them to school.
Lecture over. Feel strongly about such things. Or they will remain just the way they are. Drag us all down...

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