Monday, August 24, 2009

Lottery racket on the roads:)

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Did you know the lottery sellers are now trying to get u to buy at traffic signals? Apart from selling strawberries (while in season), or umbrellas, little masks, plastic helicopters, car screens and car cushions, they are now also selling lottery tickets.

The Maharashtra state lottery ticket, one fellow told me. Some fantastic amount, that seemed to be too fantastic to be part of my karma:) So I shooed him away. He deliberately dropped a ticket inside my auto. While I tried to wave him back to pick it right back (he had danced a few steps away, this urchin) he came back, acting bemused. "Memsaheb," he looked at me, as if I had already won the lotto, "you must now buy it for sure. It is your luck which has made this ticket drop off my hand. It means your fate is now written on it." !!!!

I wonder who coaches them in such alluring language:) It must be our Bollywood films...


Anonymous said...

Need a guidance from you..i want to publish my articles in my regional magazines what are the process of contacting them?i don't have the fecilities of printers at home.Is it ok to approach them with hand written articles?How do i come to know about whether my articles are rejected or accepted?You are a superb writer with so many national dailies can you guide me????????


Shameem Akthar said...

Most publications do not accept articles that they have not commissioned, unless the first page, where the editorial list of names and details are given, makes a specific request for such articles.
So you must always call up, go meet the editors in charge. Most magazines also have contact details and names of editors, or specific departments where you may want to write (For example culture editor, if you wish to write on drama or etc). U must meet the editor/staff before writing the article and get a proper brief from them... Otherwise u may end up just wasting your time. About handwritten copies: most editorial staff is always strapped for time, so giving something that makes their life difficult will usually be kept aside for later (which often never happens). So, you must try to get print outs if you wish to send your articles. Most shops/cyber cafes give a print out for just Rs 2. So that excuse you do not have a printer won't wash, or will it work in your favor.

Anonymous said...