Monday, June 1, 2009

Old world ice-cream parlour: K. Rustomji

(K. Rustomji Ice Cream parlour at Churchgate obviously does not need a board)

My daughter was not impressed with that ice-crea or the smoky, non-a/c parlour. Especially, because those biscuit slivers did not quite hold that creamy slab and dripped over her cute white dress. But then she is a suburban Mumbaikar, born in the suburbs for whom the southern tip is not an aspirational hang-up as it is for her migrant parents:) She looks down on south Mumbai as a rule -- the lack of space, the crush of people and traffic even though most times she has been protectively taken there only on Sundays. She sees only tourists and does not know what makes that part of city throb with a life all its own. You have to be an awed-out-of-Mumbai migrant for that perspective...
Any case, K. Rustomji ice-cream was where my husband, then my fiance, had taken me when he was showing off this city to me a quarter century ago. Like most men, he associates love with good food, so most joints we went to in our courting days where food joints, the must-eat Mumbai joints, iconic though a bit people-worn and down-at-mouth even those days... K. Rustomji also looks a bit sad...
No board, but there is a huge and steady crowd, including of tourists who have been lovingly directed here by some Mumbai-freak...
The ice-cream, big slabs, are so low-priced.
The plastic chairs, the reluctantly given paper napkins, the grimy dust-bin, the not-so-cool fans, the sense of something decrepit... Yet, those some fabulous mixes and flavors. Mint, for instance? I had peaches, my husband had mango, my kid toffee. We paid Rs 120 for three, can u imagine? And juices, for Rs 15 each? In this day and age!

Next time we go to south Mumbai, we must do Rustomji's again, my husband decided. My kid arched her eyebrows... Different strokes:)
. We oldies, we like it that in a world of gelatos and international brands, an old ice-cream parlour is holding its own...

Contact details:


87 Stadium House, Opp Ambassador Hotel, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai - 400020


Anonymous said...

I don't know if i am asking for too much but as i am visiting Mumbai for a week can you help me with a list of must visit spots........and what will be the preferred mode of transport....i am going to stay in Bandra.

Shameem Akthar said...

Sorry ritu cannot help u, because even if this blog seems to give the idea I know Mumbai well, actually what I do here is, get lost in its maze.
And what I like are not necessarily touristy spots. my advice to you, pick up old copies of Time-out, current copies of Time-Out (mumbai edition obviously) and scan them for some interesting spots.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. So silly of me...thanks a lot for caring.

Shameem Akthar said...

Mode of travel btw. Train is pretty safe. U hve to avoid, absolutely, the long distance trains that go to virar and the distant suburbs. Stick to Bandra locals. that way you can avoid the crush which can be very very frightening. Avoid peak hour travel also. Another nightmare ,on road, train and everything else in between.
buses are safe, but can be too fast, while boarding. But in south mumbai they are cool and well and often linked.. from terminus like churchgate and vt.
hope u have a rocking time... of all Indian cities Mumbai is far the safest and the one with the mostest heart!