Thursday, June 4, 2009

Muddy water, media collapse

The muddy concoction u see is of water from my tap. Yes, BMC water. It is fantastic is this not? The media, most of whose offices are located a breath away from where the crisis seems to be manifesting, are not reporting on this. Look at that water!!! Brown, seemingly full of some defecation, moss and mud particles.
Today I threw out the entire set of chappatis my cook made from this water. I simply could not bring myself to eat it. Have bought a 20-liter Bisleri bottle (more like a tub) for Rs 220, of which a large proportion would be given back once I return the bottle. The way things are looking, I will be living off such bottled water. Reminds me of Chennai, where my sister manages with green or red coloured water when the bottled water supply does not happen.

Some of my students sent me this genuine excuse for not coming: water scarcity...

The most annoying thing is that journalists are not reporting about this: which leads me to following conclusions:
  • they don't take bath
  • they have a direct connection from bmc.
  • they are blind.
  • they are living off five-star freebies and do not cook at home.
  • they are using five-star toilets and are not going back home to dry taps and unflushed toilets.
  • they are not journalists anymore!!
Arrghh!! Not a single report on the front page for the last two days when the entire city seems to be reeling. And nobody knows when the next brown muddy drop is going to come. The tankers, my property manager's office, says are not delivering any more since there is no water to supply.
This is a mega crisis and nobody is bothered!!! The media, the government --no statements. Put your head into the mud: it is called the ostrich syndrome. Pretend there is no problem, and the problem goes away?... the city has been running on that logic for so long...

An epidemic is about to happen --

I will start stocking on Readymade thandai, badam kheer, apple juice etc next. Just like the royalty suggested in France to the starving folk: eat cake!

Muddy water, drink thandai!!


Anonymous said...

I was aware about the scarcity but it is s..o serious i was not aware..any how i have stopped reading papers or watching news' channels almost over a year...let's see can we start of our own to get to the root..hmm...i will come back in the meantime fellow bloggers get out with some ideas how to tackle the problem...

agent green glass said...

they do say that. that the next world war will be over water. till then, either we ask our local reps to do something about the state of the water. or then we resort to that horrible joke we used to crack as kids. save water, pee on a friend.

Shameem Akthar said...

:) Water is back to normal colour once more at my home.
After I filled little pots and cups in a state of anxiety! And bought a huge Bisleri bottle that is towering over my dining table... but I am not cribbing! Last monsoon we had a huge water problem at my complex, but it had to do with some pipe breaking down here... btw. behind these tanker water supply lies huge scams -- between complexes and suppliers and the go-between... Journalists, wake up!!