Thursday, January 8, 2009

The low-cost gourmet restaurant

Almost accidentally we walked into the Gourmet city restaurant. What a place to eat good food!! (It is inside In Orbit, first floor, off the home furnishing section of it). For one, it is quiet, far from the bustle, I-will-elbow-you-out-of-your-table buzz that hustles the Food Court in In Orbit. It is empty, because sadly except regulars to the gourmet shop (which most middle class types avoid for obvious reasons -- high end stuff, recession and all that) nobody probably knows of it.

I ordered a ravioli (Rs 100 only!!) with mushroom sauce (etc Rs 100, but divinely worth it) and my husband some pasta and we drooled. And I had a cactus tea infusion and he a genuine filter Capi and we drooled some more. It is has a great menu, covers a nice palate range, including Thai food, aloe vera punch, terrific shakes, etc. Am going to be visiting the place soon. Prices are very reasonable. Chefs look like they know their stuff. Food tastes pure, hot and really tasty. The tea came with a perfect tea-timer -- and I loved that nice little touch about it....
Off it, at counters around you get gourmet stuff from abroad -chocolates, cheeses, teas (I picked up a huge bundle -- from sweet rose, to mulethi to orange etc and lots of fusions:) -- I skirted the other sections. But my subconscious clock is ticking -- waiting for the moment when I am going to be back!

Where is this Gourmet Restaurant?

Inside In Orbit's Home Stop. Link Road. You cannot miss it!

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