Sunday, January 18, 2009

Candies: sweet place

(Candies entrance, dreamily green; don't miss the rush of school kids:)
(The beautiful Buddha statue at the entrance)
(Veg puffs, and two coffees, for Rs 160. And don't miss those sweet sugary what-dya-call-them-thingies on the left:)
After a vigorous kick-boxing session, the one thing u crave for is some hot liquid... Strangely, hunger just disappears and I sometimes do not even think of eating evening food. So, earlier I used to take my lap-top, punch my pending columns and dreamily look over the haze of pollution the Bay of Bengal, off Carter Road's Cafe Day. And spend quite a packet of my hard-earned money on continuous cups of coffee which steamed but seemed cold by the time the lips made contact with the cup; or occasionally buy the cookie box (with free espresso offer) that nobody ate at home. And swat flies, which sort of stuck to you wetly. And shoo off crows that eyed your cookie box hungrily. But last week I discovered this amazing place called Candies, off Pali Hill. It is a must-visit place. It has very good, clean energy. With a Thai golden Buddha Statue looking benignly at the world, and especially at all those who enter Candies, that energy is a given:) I found school kids just love it, they were everywhere and that is understandable, why: the price is affordable (soup for Rs 30, veg puff for Rs 30, quiche for Rs 50). Food portions are nice, bite-sized, so you can eat more of many... My fav sort of eating.. And what I love about it is the space inside is so green, lively. The decor is good. It feels clean, spanking. And what I most loved, is that tiny flourish of courtesy, in those tiny sweet-bits that come on your plate: sometimes a soft chocolate, but always something sugary and sweet...
There is a salad bar too, yummy. I love salads though though for that you really need to be hungry. As I said, I am never hungry to eat food after exercise (My prana or chi must be indeed rising:)

Where is Candies?

(Off Gold Gym).

St. Andrews Road
Bandra West
Landmark: Near Pali Naka
Phone: 022-26432425


Anonymous said...

Bay of Bengal?


Shameem Akthar said...

Aw the Arabian sea... dumb dumber and dumbest, that's me:)
thanks for pointing out -- sometimes the urge to sound smart trips me:(