Friday, May 6, 2016

Made in India key chains

See what I found ..a key chain with a happy little  Indian girl ..was very excited ..usually u get a blonde curvy woman (read Barbie ) who is being denounced as unnatural even in the country of her origin  ..and for some reason this Miss Hotness is  always wearing pink. I like this little girl..her little cheerfully printed skirt. .her long hair ..ha ha ha we school kids had to do that style in Tamil Nadu. .used to hate oiling my hair, ribboning it up;)  And guess how much I paid for this key chain..Rs 15!  Must be it is Made in China;) Found it at the Rose Store at Pali  Naka.  A good place to browse for such cute things..3 -D  key chain, craft stuff.#Bandralove #Mumbaimerijaan #ILoveMumbai # Bandrainfo

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